Insurance Extraordinaire

  • Deductible: What is Right for You?

    When it comes to insurance policies, the deductible is the amount of expense that you must pay out of pocket before your policy will pay out any expenses. Typically, deductibles are used in order to keep the large number of trivial claims down that a consumer can reasonably be expected to pay for. When an...

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  • What You Need To Know Before Insuring Your Classic Car

    There is quite some confusion when it comes to insuring your car. Even more is the chaos when you need to place your car under the classic or special car category. Some of the common questions asked are regarding the type of vehicle that is covered, coverage, claims, costs, etc. The Classic Collector Insurance depends...

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  • Four Tips To Save When Shopping For Car Insurance

    It’s one thing to buy a brand new or used car, but maintenance comes with its own price tag.  A significant chunk of those maintenance costs will go directly to car insurance.  Therefore, it’s critical to buy the insurance necessary to protect drivers from unforeseeable situations.  While quality is critical when reviewing potential providers, there...

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